Sunday, 12 February 2012

I want to be...

PS: This is not a materialistic post. Its much deeper than that. Really. ;)

Today, I want to be lots of things.
Some things, I already am and just want more of( greedy types that I am)
Some, I am not, and oh so wish i were...
Some, I want to be, I hope to be...
And some would just be babblings totally influenced by the work that I do. Hmmm, so what? I still have wants.

So let's see what my wants are, shall we ;)

I want to be sparkling! ting ting!

I want to be refined, polished, delicate! (hmmm)

I want to be totally ridiculous.

I want to be happy, calm and chic.(all at the same time) ahem.

I want to be a party girl! bling bling!

 I want to be blindingly bright! like ouch!

I want to be gorgeous in this yummy one piece! sighhhh!

I want to be quirky!
I want to be global, but always have an Indian heart.

I want to be drop dead smouldering in red! We seriously dont get enough nice red (affordable) clothes in this world.

PS:There is a thin line between loving something, to needing something and wanting something. 
The thin line could be called 'money'. lol.
Or on a less materialistic note, it could be called the 'conscience' :D

Have a happy Sunday! :)


  1. Love the red maxi and the ikat clutch! :) Yum yum

  2. :) i knowwww! Looking for indigenous methods to make that clutch ;)